Yongsan, Korea

University of Michigan
Winter 2012 Graduate Comprehensive Studio
Jen Maigret + Geoffrey Thün

Team Credits:
Joseph Filippelli + Michael Sanderson

With a sister city of Seoul, Yongsan seeks to develop the infrastructure that accommodates increasing density, business development and anticipates housing the aging population.

This project seeks to provide an environment that serves a multitude of users through the duality of spaces. The project practices hi-tech strategies of daylighting through the use of a double-skin facade. Every service and feature provided attempts to negotiate the diversity of the occupants. The courtyard serves as a feature which is strategically distributed vertically between the library, the restaurants, the youth center and the residents allowing for a more privatized communal space. In addition to the program located on the lower levels, a “floating cafeteria” sits on the riverside tower allowing residents, workers and visitors to enjoy the view while interacting with a variety of people.

In an attempt to connect the project with the adjacent civic anchors located across the river, a large gestural connection bridge beneath the youth center stitches the project with the surrounding context seamlessly.