Amilly, France

University of Michigan
Spring 2011 Design Charette
Anya Sirota + Steven Christensen + Jean-Louis Farges

Team Credits:
Joseph Filippelli

Life in Paris is gritty, fast paced, and sometimes stressful. Often in our busy lives, we forget to slow down and enjoy the world outside the hectic congestion of the city. The sanctuary of nature offers a place to settle, breathe fresh air, nestle up by a roaring fire, and sleep peacefully under the stars.

Borrowing from traditions of American camping, this proposal twists the idea that wilderness is the only domain for the act of leisure.  Converting the existing tannery facility into a relaxing escape from pollution and congestion, where patrons can occupy the site for multiple nights, would be an attractive solution to the issue of reuse.

In addition to this, there are opportunities for cafe/restaurant type atmospheres and entertainment that will also allow people to occupy the site for shorter period of times, while others choose to stay through the night in tent like structures. 

Creating a moveable module for the necessary tasks to be performed on site allows for complete adaptation depending on the situation whether it is occupant density, performance event, or seasonal activity.