Ann Arbor, Michigan

University of Michigan
Fall 2012 Graduate House Matters Option Studio
Glenn Wilcox

The Schindler House, designed by the late Rudolph Schindler, is iconic and was unlike any other house in its time. The social condition created was unconventional and, in some eyes, absurd. Creating universal spaces and minimal utilities and circulation, the Schindler House questioned the preconceived ideas of “house.” 

The Modern Schindler House is designed as a tribute to the Schindler House.  In an attempt to borrow the same intentions as the Schindler House, the Modern version relocates the house in present day Ann Arbor.  

Twisting the interpretation of a utility center cog, the Modern Schindler plays up the role and highlights the utility core as the vertical center of the “house.” Four studios serve different users as the Schindler did; allowing for a designated and setback entrance for privacy in the same way that Rudolph designed.  Masquerading as a typical modern house but not quite an apartment building, this house allows for the users to live as privately or as publicly as they desire.