Chicago, Illinois

University of Michigan
Winter 2011 Graduate Spatial Matter Studio
Josh Bard

The journey to the theater space is traditionally long, dark and uneventful; the form of the building is 
circulation-driven making the voyage a primary focus rather than an afterthought. Ascending to the theater, by way of predominantly glass encased escalators and elevators, the occupants are on stage before they enter the show.  The isolation of the theatre strives to emphasize a hermetic media experience. Occupants move up a transparent spine before sitting in the back of a black, floating box.

My project attempts to break the formalities of a movie theater. By providing external plazas, the building 
provides external social gathering space before drawing the public inward and upward. Riverview 
restaurants sit at the base of the building directing the one downward to the riverwalk plaza. A second 
restaurant sits at the pinnacle of the building allowing the public to either begin their movie-going experience or cap the night off. In an effort to preserve views of the river for the surrounding buildings, the structure is porous and defies the logic of supporting large “floating” volumes.