Cincinnati, Ohio

University of Cincinnati
2007 - 2008 5th Year Comprehensive Studio
Eric Inglert + Mousa Gargari + Daniel Durbin

Located in the heart of the city, the proposed Cincinnati Fire Station No. 14 & Training Academy will provide firefighters and firefighters in training with a facility in which they can live, learn, serve and protect.  In lieu of a separated campus, the various functions are combined into one cohesive structure.  The unique placement of the three main elements that make up this building is conducive to a non-intrusive work environment.   

Firefighters are given a private wing in which they are welcome to relax in entertainment rooms or even in a private roof-top garden which features a reflection pond.  Trainees are in close proximity to the inner workings of a fire station as they train in the indoor classroom the training tower and the outdoor training yard.  With a modern approach, this building reflects the use of green building materials, LEED and non-traditional fire station design.

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+Second Place 2008 Tech Expo Design Award